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When you're at work, you don't have to be in the dark about what's going on at home. With MioNet and a webcam, you can see what's happening from anywhere automatically. With other solutions, you have to open up a firewall port and get a DDNS subscription for a user-friendly IP address. Instead, just download MioNet on your home computer, install a webcam, and choose "Scan for cameras and new devices" from the MioNet menu. Now you have remote access to your webcam - and it's secure because it's encrypted. No other webcam solution is so simple and secure.

With MioNet you can:

  • Monitor the security of your home, check on the pets, the kids, and the nanny, from anywhere.
  • Securely view your home webcam from the office or the road because every MioNet video stream is safely encrypted.
  • Be closer to friends and family by sharing your webcam with them.
  • Avoid complex set-up procedures.
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