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What is MioNet?

MioNet is the first and only virtual workplace that makes remote access and file sharing seamless, simple, and secure. And it's incredibly easy to set up and use. No dedicated hardware, network protocols, or firewall reconfigurations required.

What is a virtual workplace?

A virtual workplace is your own network that you create on the fly that includes all of your computers and any other users' computers with whom you want to securely share data.

How does MioNet work?

MioNet is software that you load on your computer. In the background, MioNet software communicates to the MioNet servers to determine the folders, computers or drives that you have access to. Once this occurs you now have seamless secure access to your entire virtual workplace, so you can run all your applications across all your computers - simultaneously.

What can I do with MioNet?

MioNet lets you easily access all your computers and securely share data and webcams with friends, family, and business colleagues. You can also extend applications like desktop search, backup, photo management (Picasa™), and Windows Media Player so they work seamlessly across all the computers in your entire virtual workplace.

How do I get MioNet?

Just click here for your free MioNet download. You can use MioNet free for 30 days. After that, you can subscribe for full functionality at a cost of $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year as part of the introductory pricing.

What happens when my trial expires?

As your trial is expiring you will be given the opportunity to subscribe to MioNet to enjoy its complete functionality. If you choose not to subscribe, you will still be able to use MioNet with a reduced set of functionality. You will always be able to view folders, webcams, and content shared with you. In addition you will be able to access your own content across computers within your home.

You will need to subscribe for full MioNet functionality in order to remotely access your information and to initiate shared folders and webcams with others.

  MioNet without Subscription MioNet Subscription
Access your other computers on a LAN Yes Yes
View content others are sharing with you Yes Yes
Share content with others No Yes
Access your remote computers No Yes
What are the system requirements for MioNet?
Windows 2000, Vista or XP system
256MB RAM minimum (required)
500MHz Pentium III (recommended)
100MB free hard disk space (500MB recommended)
How do I install MioNet?

Setting up MioNet is a snap.

  1. At www.mionet.com (or the top of this page), select the download link.
  2. For your first MioNet computer, select the "Try MioNet" box.
  3. When asked about downloading MioNet, choose RUN, which will start the MioNet installation process after the software is downloaded.
  4. Just follow a few easy steps that will guide you to set-up your account with your username and password..

Then, simply download MioNet for each additional computer that you want to include in your virtual workplace, using the same username and password for each computer. That's it. You're done.

How do I add MioNet to a second or third computer?

When you are at the second or third computer, go to www.mionet.com and choose the download link. Click on the "Add MioNet" box.

When asked about downloading MioNet, choose RUN, which will start the MioNet installation process after the software is downloaded. After the installation, use the same username and password which will automatically add the new computer to your account. MioNet automatically finds all your computers and when you log in to the MioNet application, you will see all of your computers in the My Resources tab.

That's it. You're done.

Is MioNet easy to use?

MioNet is designed specifically to be easy to use.

Click on:
  • "Quick Start" to see all of the things you can do with MioNet
  • "My Resources" tab to access your personal data on any computer
  • "Shared with Me" tab to view files shared with you by others
  • "Shared with Others" tab to start sharing your own folders and webcams with others
What if I forget my username or password?
  1. Go to www.mionet.com
  2. Go to the Support dropdown menu
  3. Click My Account
  4. Click Forgot username or password?
  5. Enter your username or email address and click Email my password. Your password will be emailed to you.
How do I change my e-mail address or password?
  1. Go to www.mionet.com
  2. Go to the Support dropdown menu
  3. Click My Account
  4. Enter your username and password
  5. Click on the "Edit Profile" link in the left navigation menu
  6. You can change your e-mail address or password here
Do people I want to share with also have to install MioNet?

Yes. MioNet requires that you share with individuals who have set up an account and installed the MioNet software. All they need is an email account and a Windows 2000, Vista or XP system.

Can I have multiple computers running MioNet?

Yes. You may have up to five computers on one MioNet account. This means that you can access your home computer, office computer, laptop, and other systems from any of your computers remotely.

Are my files ever stored on MioNet's server?

No. With MioNet, your files stay on your computers or on the computers of the people who have elected to share with you.

Is MioNet secure?


  1. MioNet servers are located at a high security data center.
  2. We authenticate all users.
  3. All data is transferred with strong encryption.
  4. When you want to share information you grant a specific user access to a folder and only to the folder you have identified. In fact, you can define whether you want to give them read only access, or read/write access, which enables them to modify the file or to add new content to a shared folder. It is very secure, and they only see the information you want them to see.

Does MioNet contain any adware or spyware?

No, we would never consider pushing any programs like that on to you. We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality, high-security product.

Do I need a broadband connection?

While MioNet can work on a dial-up line, we recommend that you use an "always-on" broadband connection like a DSL or cable modem for optimum performance.

What happens if my computer is off?

MioNet can only grant access to computers that are on and connected to the Internet.

Does MioNet work with Macintosh or Linux computers?

Currently, MioNet works with only Windows-based computers. However, our platform will be extended to these operating systems in the future.

How does MioNet compare to GoToMyPC™?
  • MioNet's architecture is "Many-to-Many" versus "One-to-One" like GoToMyPC. GoToMyPC users need to create a specific one-to-one session with each target computer to take control of the remote screen. Since each session is independent of the others, GoToMyPC cannot enable an integrated view of all computers in a virtual workplace.
  • MioNet is integrated with the Microsoft OS, so you can run local applications across your entire virtual workplace and see all your data in a single view. This lets you:
    • Manage your music files across multiple computers
    • Easily manage your photos with programs like Picasa™ across all computers on your virtual workplace
    • Search across all your computers
    • Run back-up programs on local and remote drives and folders
    • Utilize Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office applications to open, modify, and save files seamlessly across all computers
How does MioNet compare to Microsoft Remote Desktop?

MioNet is a snap to set up; you just download the software and you're up and running on both a LAN and WAN environment.

With Microsoft Remote Desktop:

  • Both the remote computer and local computer need to be on the same LAN
  • It is difficult to set up, requiring IP addresses, user IDs, and passwords
  • Only Windows XP users can use the Remote Desktop feature
  • It is a one-to-one session, not many-to-many
  • Wireless connections will only work if you're on the same LAN
  • The host computer is locked up when the remote computer accesses it, so no local user can log onto the computer when a remote user is accessing it
How does MioNet compare to a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

VPNs are generally expensive solutions for larger businesses that have some IT personnel. Even though the VPN prices are decreasing they do not approach the prices of a software only solution like MioNet.

When using MioNet, you don't need to buy any VPN software or hardware, nor do you need to know how to maintain or configure your firewalls. MioNet configures itself, and requires no clunky setup or typical expenses associated with installing and maintaining a VPN

On top of that, MioNet enables you to share selected content with business partners. Trying to enable third party or vendor access to specific information through a VPN is a very complex and expensive IT resource intensive process.

How can I tell if I have the latest version of MioNet?

Here is a screenshot of the latest version of the MioNet client. If your version of MioNet doesn’t look like this, you can follow the instructions in the FAQ below titled “How can I get the latest version of MioNet?

How can I get the latest version of MioNet?

If you are using any version of MioNet 3.4.5 and above, your MioNet software will automatically be updated. If you are using any version of MioNet 2.5, you will need to follow these steps to upgrade to the latest version of MioNet:

  1. Uninstall MioNet
  2. Reboot your computer
  3. Download the 3.6 software
  4. When prompted to "register this computer", select "I am adding this computer to my existing MioNet account"
  5. During the registration process, use your existing MioNet username and password
  6. Select "Yes" when asked if you have installed MioNet on this computer before
  7. Reboot your computer when prompted